Gas regulations


Gas regulations

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) publishes the main Spanish and European regulations applying to energy markets, including gas.

The legal texts published by CNMC are conveniently sorted by subject and include all the amendments made since they were first approved.

The contents are constantly being updated. The section includes a subject index with the most relevant aspects for each energy sector.

For more information, visit the CNMC website, where you will find a section displaying all the news and regulations of interest.

Gas system technical management regulations

The Gas System Operational Regulations (NGTS), set out in ITC/3126/2005, of 5 October, lay the foundations of the technical operation of the gas system, define the interactions between the various actors in the gas sector and set out the procedures to be carried out to ensure safe, uninterrupted gas supply.

You can read and download more regulations and protocols for the gas system from the Enagas website.


The requirements of the gas system operation regulations apply to gas system operators, actors accessing it, gas facility operators and consumers.

For more information on applicable requirements, visit the Enagas website.