Committed to our environment



BBG is committed to people and citizens, thus, ultimately to society. For this reason, we support employment policies for people with different abilities and at risk of exclusion. We pursue this aim through plans and projects that we have launched with local institutions, as well as with the sponsorship of sports and cultural activities in our environment and the promotion of local employment. Therefore, we contribute to raising awareness in society regarding the needs of these people and we work for common well-being.

Cooperation with other entities and groups

To achieve these goals, we co-operate with several different entities, organizations and institutions, maintaining a collaboration agreement with Adecco Foundation, which has been in full force since 2011. Within this particular frame, along the year 2019 we have carried out the following actions:

Awareness - Sensitization:


Sensitization action: Desiree Vila visited our facilities in November 2019. Apart from conveying our compromise with diversity, we believe we are active in helping to “normalize” and eliminate prejudices and increase our knowledge on disability.

“Employment for All Women” Program: In January 2019, with the purpose to develop a Volunteer Program that supports the job-orientation program “Employment for All Women”, we launched the call for volunteers, which has taken place along 2019 and 2020

Talent Attraction


Integrative Plan

With the aim of facilitating the integration into the labor world of people with some kind of disability, several different training and education activities have been carried out in cooperation with the ZIerbena City Council. In fact, 9 people with disabilities or over 45 years have participated in the program.

Employment for All:

As a result of our cooperation with several Vocational Training Centers to support students with disabilities in intermediate and higher level training, we have integrated a disabled person into the BBG Maintenance team for a period of several months.

Professional Training Program:

At the end of the year 2019, a disabled person joined the Maintenance Department through a Professional Training Program, acquiring skills as a Warehouseman. This is expected to improve his employability.


In the first quarter of the year, a disabled person joined the Administration Dept. to give support to the Organization due to the increase in workload.


  • Support for Women’s Campaign: “Against social exclusion Give it Talent”
  • Employment Schools: volunteer participation
  • Support for the International Day of Disabled People: “The Filter”

Sponsorship of sports teams and cultural organizations based in zierbena

BBG has a direct involvement in supporting sport, so it has sponsored both the Zierbena Rowing Club and the Zierbena Football Club from its very foundation as a company.

Apart from this, it is also part of the group of sponsors of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Maritime Museum and the Foundation for the  Bilbao Port & Estuary.

Planta de regasificación


Staff Contracting Policy

Almacenamiento de gas

From the very beginning of its activity, Bahía de Bizkaia Gas has been committed to contracting (directly or indirectly via contractors) mainly local population, or from the surrounding area, with the support of the Zierbena City Council. This line of work has remained active in the successive selection processes carried out, the result of which was the hiring of a person for the position of Instrumentation Operator in 2018.

Training Practices

Our commitment to youth leads us to put our experience at the service of young people who will shortly begin their career. Thus, each year we cooperate with Training Centers in nearby areas so that their students can carry out their practices at BBG.

During the year 2019, Bahía de Bizkaia Gas welcomed 7 students, who were able to complete their studies after completing the training period that they required at BBG. They came from both the University of the Basque Country and from Vocational Training centers. Out of these 7, 3 are still doing their training in 2020 in the Dual option, with the consequent advantage obtained in view of their immediate incorporation into the labor market. Another trainee was derived to us from a cooperation between Adecco Foundation and the Basque Government to extend the internship of students with disabilities.

Through this kind of actions, we intend to make possible for the students a first contact with the companies, while studying at their centers, whether university or Vocational Training.

Gender Equality

The aim for equal opportunities between genders permeates our activity in a transversal way. Both internally and externally, BBG actively pulls towards this goal through various actions included in its Equality Plans, involving all the staff and external agents with whom it collaborates and works (training centers, supplier companies, users, etc.).

Right now, we are executing the actions derived from the second Equality Plan (2019-2021), and participating in the Bai Sarea Network, DenBBora Network, Cebek Forum, apart from other cooperative activities with the Bizkaia Provincial Council and Emakunde aimed at the general communication of its campaigns and activities