We are leaders in LNG regasification

About us


Bahía de Bizkaia Gas (BBG) is the owner of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Regasification Plant in the port of Bilbao, in the municipality of Zierbena, province of Bizkaia. We get LNG from tankers from all over the world and transform it into natural gas for domestic, commercial and industrial consumption and for the generation of electric power.

Our reception, storage and regasification operations are key to the supply of energy in the Basque Country and to support the Spanish and European gas systems.

Tanques de GNL

Our current storage capacity amounts to 450,000m3 in three tanks (150,000m3 each), while our send out rate is 800,000Nm3/h (normal cubic metres per hour). Finally, our jetty has a capacity up to vessels of 270,000m3 storage capacity.

MetaneroCisterna de GNL

We also have a truck tank loading station to deliver LNG to satellite plants by road and the necessary facilities for LNG carrier load.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to ensure the supply of natural gas in the Basque Country and the surrounding areas, contribute to the diversification of supply sources in the Spanish gas system and strengthen the position of the Basque Country and Spain as strategic players in the Spanish and European gas systems, respectively.

We are working to become the leaders in the Spanish gas system, ensuring top quality and excellence in all operations and complying with the strictest environmental protection and safety standards. We aim at meeting the needs of our customers, our suppliers, our partners and our staff.

We are committed to society and our environment, contributing to build a more competitive Basque economy while relying on energy efficiency, sustainable development and the widespread use of gas as the least polluting fossil fuel.

Our partners


Enagás Transporte S.A.U., the main natural gas transporter in the Spanish gas system, owns a 50% share in BBG (since March 2015).

The Basque energy authority (Ente Vasco de la Energía, EVE) develops projects and carries out initiatives in line with the policies drafted by the Government of the Basque Country. EVE owns the remaining 50% share in BBG (since March 2015).

Manuela y políticas de BBG