We comply with the strictest standards

Safety and quality


Integrated safety is one of the mainstays of BBG policies.

That is why Bahía de Bizkaia Gas is committed to going beyond merely complying with the regulations in place at regional, national and EU levels.

We have a set of framework policies for the strategic development of our general and specific management areas:

Seguridad Integral BBG









This integrated safety policy seeks to ensure that an essential service is provided safely for people, facilities, systems and information.

Integrated safety management is a priority consideration at our organisation, and is understood to mean the following:

  • Acknowledgement by in-house personnel and other parties involved of the need to protect their health and well-being at work, in the framework of BBG’s values.
  • Safeguarding of facilities, personnel and information related to their activities and surroundings.
  • Provision of essential services and the meeting of needs and expectations of customer companies and individual users at all times.

Occupational risk prevention

As the operator of an LNG regas plant, Bahía de Bizkaia Gas is committed to compliance with the health and safety regulations in force.

The well-being of individuals and conservation of facilities are vitally important, so an Integrated Management System (Health, Safety & Environment) has been set up to ensure that all risks are assessed with a view to eliminating or minimising them, including the requirements applicable to serious accidents.

This Integrated Management System is certified as compliant with the following standards, among others:

  • UNE EN ISO 9001:2015
  • UNE: EN ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • UNE EN  ISO 2001:2017
  • UNE EN ISO 27002:2015

Structure of the BBG health, safety and environmental management system:


Managing quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection with the same priority in all activities on the basis of prevention and continuous improvement principles.

Implementing all activities in a manner that complies with the legislation, regulations and responsible in-house methods applicable.

Assessing the quality of the services offered to customers on a regular basis, with the aim of ensuring efficiency and continuous improvement, as well as full customer satisfaction.

Evaluating the environmental impact of our activity and taking the necessary action to control or minimise environmental risks.

Evaluating occupational risks and preventing risk situations against health damages and serious accidents within the framework of a safety management system and internal emergency plans.

Identifying and analysing emergencies, assessing their consequences and planning actions; organising facilities and training personnel through the system.

Giving information, raising awareness and training staff on the relevant aspects to perform their tasks in accordance with the integrated management system, for greater efficiency, safety and environmental protection in a customer-oriented business.

Planning and controlling changes in the organisation, facilities and processes so as to review and control incident/accident risks (including serious accidents) and significant environmental impact.

Promoting the implementation of quality, environmental management, risk prevention and safety policies among collaborating organisations.

Development an internal/external communication and information system whereby suggestions can be made and best practices can be defined through consultation procedures.