We are committed to energy efficiency and sustainable development

Environmental Policy


Respect for the environment and environmental protection efforts are part and parcel of BBG’s commitments. In the development of our regasification plant in Zierbena, the latest technologies were used in compliance with EU environmental regulations.

In addition, our commitment to the environment has translated into:

ISO-14001 certification, granted on 10 October 2005. View BBG’s certifications.

Environmental Good Practice Agreement signed with the Bilbao Port Authority to follow stricter environmental protection standards.

Compliance with the standards in the authorisations and licences granted: waste disposal, gas emissions, etc.

Improvement policy targeted at optimal waste management, emission reduction, paper use reduction plans, etc.

Staff training and dissemination of information on the relevant environmental measures associated with each task/job.

Information to contactors on the company’s environmental policy.

Reduction of energy consumption as a key aspect to achieve sustainability goals.

– Sustained reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

BBG’s activities in the fields of LNG unloading, storage and regasification comply with the regulations applicable to the gas industry as reviewed by the relevant authorities. While acknowledging free initiative in business, our gas supply is produced and delivered in safe, environmentally friendly conditions.