We are committed to energy efficiency and sustainable development

Environmental matters


Respect and concern for conserving and improving the environment form part of the undertakings to which BBG is committed.

Our commitment to the environment takes the following forms:

Certificate of compliance with ISO-14001, issued on 10/10/2005. See all our certificates.

Signing of an environmental best practices agreement  with the Bilbao Port Authority which means a higher level of commitment to the environment.

Strict compliance with the requirements of the permits and authorisations issued in regard to discharges, emissions, etc.

Improvement policy. Focused on optimising waste management, reducing emissions, drawing up plans to reduce paper consumption.

Providing information to in-house workers and external firms working at BBG: On the environmental conservation measures to be applied at each workstation.

Reducing energy consumption as a prime goal to meet sustainability requirements.

Sustained reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Registration under the Carbon Footprint Register, projects to offset and absorb carbon dioxide, including th securing of the “calculate” and “calculate and reduce” stamps in different years. .

BBG’s operations in unloading, storing and regasifying liquefied natural gas are subject to the stringent regulations applied to the gas production sector by the relevant authorities. Those regulations seek to guarantee supplies in safe, environmentally-friendly conditions while guaranteeing free initiative for businesses.

Sustainability Report 2019

Memoria de Sostenibilidad 2019