Our people, our main asset

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At Bahía de Bizkaia Gas we consider our people to be our main asset. Accordingly, we are committed to the wellbeing of our staff beyond legal requirements, taking care of the following aspects:



– Annual medical checks, which include different significant parameters, depending on age, special requirements, etc.

– Information / training campaigns on risks derived from excess cholesterol and hypertension and recommendations for healthy habits (for example, “Fruit and yoghurt” campaign as an alternative to calorie and cholesterol-based snacks).

– Informative talks/pills on different aspects related to Health and general well-being.

– Training courses aimed at psychological welfare: Mindfulness, coaching, etc. …

– First-aid training courses are provided as a complement to our on-site health care services.

– Back & neck health School: voluntary complementary check and prevention training on correct ergonomic postures.

– Training in safe driving as a means of raising awareness on the fact that the workplace is not the only source of risk, promoting the internalization of safe driving behaviors.

-Support for sports activities: information, support and special prices for participation in sports activities at the Zierbena Sports Center.

-Collaboration agreement with Medical Optica: discounts

Loan Concession Policy

BBG grants interest-free loans to its workers, with a maximum repayment period of 24 monthly payments. These loans have been routinely used to defray the cost of purchasing a vehicle or home improvement reforms.

Career development

– BBG has a Career Development Model that allows for the evolution and improvement in knowledge and skills of its staff, starting from its job profile, approved and in force at all times, to suit the needs of our corporate strategy.

– Evaluations are carried out on a regular basis, allowing thus to implement the necessary training actions to be incorporated into the annual training plans.

Staff training

– BBG has opted for the continuous training of its workers in both knowledge and skills linked to the exercise of their specific and general functions.

– The average number of training hours per person per year exceeds 38 hours, with mostly in-person training, but also online, through webinars, etc. It is important to mention here that Safety training in all its areas (firefighting, rescue, …) makes up for a very high percentage of the total amount of hours per year.

– We actively promote attendance to informative talks and sessions related to each person´s work area, with an aim to keep their knowledge updated and improve their external cooperation skills.

– BBG supports language courses (English, French, Basque) for its employees, by means of classes subsidized by the company, either wholly or partially.

Food Allowance

– BBG provides its employees with a daily meal allowance on workdays, which can be retrieved either in cash (within the monthly payroll) or Ticket Restaurant.

Work-family conciliation


Furthermore, at BBG we apply work and family conciliation measures for our team, in order to facilitate as balanced a life inside and outside of work as possible. These are some of its specific measures:

– Staff entry and exit flexibility

– Paternity leaves

– Support for Maternity leaves: Support to the beneficiaries in the development of their functions, before and after the permit.

-Reduction of working hours implemented trying to combine needs, and with agreement on schedule distribution.

-Possibility of accumulation of the lactation period.

– Possibility of adding pending holidays at the end of the maternity leave.

– Possibility of adapting timetables on account of training needs.

– Unpaid leaves to attend family or personal issues, etc.