Our people, our main asset

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At Bahía de Bizkaia Gas we consider our people to be our main asset. Accordingly, we are committed to the wellbeing of our staff beyond legal requirements, taking care of the following aspects:



-Annual medical check-ups, taking into account relevant indicators as a function of age, type of job, etc.

-Information campaigns and training on high cholesterol and high blood pressure risks; promotion of healthy eating habits (fruit and yoghurt to replace high-calorie, high-cholesterol snacks).

-First aid training as a supplement to the medical care at the plant.

-Back school: Complementary voluntary check-up and training to prevent back pain caused by poor posture.

-Safe driving training to raise awareness of the risks associated with reckless driving and to teach how to internalise wiser driving habits.

-Encouragement of sporting activities at the Zierbena Sports Complex.

-Cooperation agreement with Medical Optica: discounts for employees.


BBG grants loans to staff members at zero cost (maximum repayment term: two years) for home repair and improvement or vehicle purchase.

Career development

-A Career Development Model Plan was implemented in 2009, the first step being the evaluation of staff performance. The plan was designed on the basis of the definition of professional profiles and their associated competencies.

-The results of the Model Plan will be fed into the Diagnosis of Training Needs and the Annual Training Plans.

Staff training

-BBG is committed to lifelong learning in the fields of expertise associated with its business activity, as well as in supplementary areas and in occupational health and safety.

-The average number of training hours per employee is 38/year.

Food subsidies

-We give out food subsidies or restaurant vouchers.

Work-life balance


At BBG we take measures to improve work-life balance, so that our employees can find it easier to balance their careers with personal or family lives. Some of these concrete measures are:

-Flexible working hours.

-Automatic parental leave.

-Maternity support: Support in task performance before and after leave.

-Reduced working hours according to special needs and timetables.

-Accrued breastfeeding leave.

-Accrued vacation leave and use with maternity leave.

-Adjustment of working hours for training needs.

-Unpaid leave for family or personal issues, etc.